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Viulu Short Film Premiere at the Night Visions Film Festival

Viulu Short Film Premiere at the Night Visions Film Festival

I am very excited to announce that Viulu, my short action film, had it’s premier on April 20th at the Night Visions Film Festival in Helsinki, Finalnd. Mikko Aroma, a good friend and one of the Festival’s organizers, came to my office one day and I showed him a cut of Viulu. The film was shot in 3 days, yet he wanted us to hold its premiere at Night Visions. Amazing.

A week or so before the Festival, Mikko asked for the DCP file in preparation for the screening. I was making the last render of a copy for the Festival when my hard drive made a horrible sound. A terrifying sound. A ggghhhrrr sound. Not good.

My heart stopped for a beat as I wondered what the heck just happened. Did I just lose my whole film? I tried to recover my files but the hard drive wasn’t working. I was close to calling Mikko to let him know that we’d have to pull the film from his Festival. Finally, in desperation, I called a couple of friends. They suggested that I dump the hard drive into the freezer. Really?

After an hour, the hard drive was frozen and I managed to get it to work for about fifteen minutes at a time. As I moved the files over one by one, I remember quoting Desmond Doss, Mel Gibson’s character in Hacksaw Ridge.

Desmond Doss, Hacksaw Ridge

I got most of the files out, but didn’t sleep for 60 hours trying to save my Viulu project. It had to have been one of the most stressful weekends of my life.

IMG_7456 Viulu Short Film Premiere at the Night Visions Film Festival
Viulu Premiere

The premiere was great. In the middle of the crisis, I had promised myself that one day I would laugh at all of this. As Viulu lit the screen I knew that today was that day.

Viulu is now out in the world and has been submitted to several film festivals. My main goal is to make it into a feature film, and I hope this short version will showcase my talents as a Director and help me find co-production partners. I want Viulu to become a great full-length action film.

If you haven’t seen the Viulu teaser, you can watch it here:

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Finally, I’d really like to thank all the Viulu crew members who helped me make this wonderful film.